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I Have a Bad Feeling About This Law School!?

my life in the desert

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Time TO SKIP the quatra-annual bio change.

I am a writer most of all. I've been a college student, grad student, chemistry lab worker, teacher, unemployed person, poker professional, campaign-volunteer, fish-egg counter, skier... but the one constant thing is that I'll always love to read and write as long as I have eyes and fingers.

This started off as a poker blog but in time I wrote about life in general more so.

COMMENT RULE: Anyone can comment whenever, but, the one rule is NO proper names of regular folks may be used. You have to give them nicknames just like I do. Too many people get upset over minor stuff so I don't allow anyone to say that they got directly offended here. - Feb 2009

I am a law student at Arizona St University... click on reject-fest 2009 to find out how that happened. The title is a play off the original title "I Have a Good Feeling About This Hand." - Sept 2009